Dave Z for Duluth City Council

Let’s build a better Duluth

I’m Dave Zbaracki, I’m running for Duluth City Council District 2 and I believe that the built environment of our city is a reflection of our values. I want a city that is accessible and inclusive. I’m pro-labor, pro-business, and pro-social justice. We need a city government that focuses on what cities should do well like streets, sidewalks, and public safety.

Better Neighborhoods

We need more cohesive and walkable neighborhoods with accessible streets for all users.

Better Economy

We need to work with our local partners to bring more family sustaining jobs to our community and retain more of our college graduates.

Better Government

We need to grow our tax base so we can fully fund public safety, as well as street and sidewalk repair.

Dave Zbaracki for Duluth City Council

About Me

I am a fifth generation Duluthian and a full-time dad to my two kids, Catherine and Adam. I am a Duluth East and UMD graduate. I have been a volunteer alpine ski and mountain bike coach, and I am very involved in the music ministry in my church as a cantor and choir member. My wife, Anne, is a physician as well as a member of the 148th Fighter Wing with over 25 years of service. She is a flight surgeon with the rank of Major and is an Iraq War Veteran.

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